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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Farndale - DAY TWO
Last night was a surprise for me to be honest. We had more in, and they made lots of noise, especially a few in the front row. JOhn at the beginning of the play gets to paint a picture. The story is - I was suposed to finish off the set on Monday by putting a picture on the back wall, on my way to the theatre I had a brain wave - why not get John to do it... every night! Here are his last two attempts:

First we see what appears to be some sort of dragon attacking a tree from the opening night. Next to that, last nights masterpiece, where aparantly he ran out of paint.... we don't know what it is we can only speculate. From the box myself and the lighting crew thought it was a giraffe trying to eat a bush. On closer inspection it looked more like a plane going into a green block of flats! I dunno. But i will post the pictures from every night ;) He even got a round of applause last night when he'd finished it! Hehe. I hope it just keeps getting better and better now!
Right I'm off to the gym. Was going to do something with Ben today but I can't imagine he'll bother to get up. So I will busy myself.


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