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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Farndale - DAY FIVE

Last night went REALLY REALLY WELL! Was about half full with an audience that seemed to appreciate every tiny bit of it! AND I got my video camera working again so I managed to capture it. The NODA man seemed to like it, but you never can tell. He also seemed to confess to not liking the Farndale plays at all, but then again he said that about Stags and Hens and gave us an award for that... so who knows. The only thing about last night that was poop was that the table didnt' collapse the second time... boooo... but it's just a minor thing really. I took a pic of the picture from the day before which I have added to my previous blog.
The Welch is here now, we are off to finish buying pressies for my cast :D
Here is last nights scary scary insight into Johns mind:


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