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Thursday, June 29, 2006

well, an interesting day.
All started annoyingly with a large yorkshire man who kept me waiting AGAIN, at least he got out of bed this time...
anyway, headed into town to afflecks, bought a nice top, Ben bought a shirt then went to the gym, ate some healthy sstuff now eating ice cream!
My mummy gets here tomorrow, really excited. But also sad cos I'm not living at home I wont get to see her much no doubt. Here's hoping she'll want to spend a few days in manc.
Just found out that my Jenny Rebbecca may be in Indianapolis when I AM!!! YAY!!!!!!! I hope so, I miss her, she tried to kill me last summer, but I'll let her off.
Everything's calming down now workwise (at least the sort that gets me out of the flat) before my trip... so that's good...
Feeling rather perky.


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