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Saturday, August 26, 2006

In Edinburgh!
GOt here last night, about 9.30pm... went straight into the hub bub and wandered around a bit. John took us to a cool hang out spot called The Pleasance where I pretty literally bumped into Steve Coogan - woohoo, lovely hair.
We left there to head over to the Holyrood Tavern where Chris and John were going to do a bit of stand up, I was shattered by this point, glad I stayed to watch Chris though, he always amazes me a little more each time I see him recently, he's really coming into his own. Then the Welch met us and we toddled back to the flat where I slept very quickly.
Today was long and fruitful, saw an improv troupe who did some very VERY familiar games... must find out their source, seemed like they had the CSz manual! Then saw a very funny man, James Sherwood I think he was, after that Die Clatters, not a great show by them I felt, they;ve never really gelled for me to be honest, then finally after tea with the Welch, on to Richard Herring who was a delight :D
Just got back, rather early for Edinburgh times, but want to make the best of tomorrow, and I'm shattered...
Oh we found a delightful pie shop too!


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