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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

God I'm so angry!
Went to watch Allo Allo at the theatre, which was rather good btw but that's not what I'm here to talk about... as I walked in I heard
"Brianee, Briannee!".. I figured that must mean me, and I turned round to see our N*** rep (to keep annonynimty). He said hi and then handed me the review for Farndale. Said something about it being different to the one in the magazine or something? I don't know... anyway.... I read it in the bar and my heart just sank... the first two lines were just horrible.. basically suggesting that I didn't know what I was doing. Everyone in it was fab, but the play itself was crap. Now difference in opinion is fair enough, but was he said was that we didn't set the play right - as in played it with 'truth'... WHICH WAS THRE FIRST THING I TOLD MY CAST WHEN WE STARTED... this had to be believed as a show that is going to the dogs, not a load of people messing about trying to be funny... as far as I'm concerned we pulled that off, and him suggesting we didn't has just offended me, and made me sound like I dont know what I'm doing.
Yes I know I take these things to personally, and I need to start being stronger, but that has just made me feel like total shite.
Chris says so what, what is it really? And yes he's right, but it's the only time I've ever got a bad review and I suppose I'm gutted cos it was such a good show! No one left half way through (and that has happened before) no one sat there stolic not laughing (except maybe him)... I just don't get it.
Why oh why did he think I'd want that hand delevered.
"Brreeaineinnneee, here's your confidence-breaker in an envelope, enjoy".

Some review to leave the company on.


  • At September 06, 2006 11:58 pm, Blogger Jer said…

    You want I should waste him? Guido

  • At September 07, 2006 12:29 am, Blogger Darren said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At September 07, 2006 12:38 am, Blogger Darren said…

    Try not to let the opinion of this one guy get you down Bronster.

    You are, and always will be, a star.

    Love you loads XXX

  • At September 07, 2006 2:09 am, Blogger Bron said…

    lol... why delete the other one Darren? ;)

    Nah Jer, not worth it... I'll be over it tomorrow.. just hit me when I'm worryingly close to getting low again..

  • At September 07, 2006 3:50 am, Anonymous mummy said…

    One person's opinion Baby.. I remember Gragra getting a write up for Juno and the Paycock...said his was the worst attempt at an Irish accent the critic had ever heard... Gragra rang up, swore at the man in Gaelic and then explained... very slowly..that he was the only real Irishman in the Cast!

    If it put bums on seats..the audience liked it, the cast and you had fun then s*d him.
    He probably didn't understand the play anyway..Farndales are reallly, really difficult to do.

  • At September 07, 2006 9:42 am, Blogger Darren said…

    I thought my bad language was a bit OTT however heartfelt.


  • At September 07, 2006 10:17 am, Anonymous Chris said…

    There's no cause for bad language in this situations.

    That said...

    Fuck him.
    Fuck his opinion.
    Fuck his family.
    Fuck his ancestors.
    Fuck his pets.

    He'd already stated he didn't like the Farnborough plays so getting a fair review out of him is like getting you to review Chinese food.

    What Bron fails to mention is that the review was grammatically appalling to the point it'd have been given back to me covered in red ink if I'd handed it at school aged twelve.

    That said, I remember my first bad review. It's hard not to take it personally but look at the big picture. Play after play getting rave reviews, awards, audiences having the times of their lives.

    I don't get on stage to entertain critics. Neither should you.

    PS. You're awesome by the way. See you tonight. Sorry I picked your phone up too. Doh!

  • At September 07, 2006 10:26 am, Blogger Bron said…

    yeah I know all that... just annoyed me... that was one of the main things I set out to achieve with this show, and it's like he KNEW that and decided we didn't...
    anyway, it's over with.


  • At September 08, 2006 1:15 am, Blogger JilloShotz said…

    Gah! What an unmitigated butthole. May he one day wake up and realize just exactly what a putz he's been all his life - right before he gets smacked by a bus - a big ol' double-decker one, too.


    His last words shall be "I was a fool - A FOOL! to ever upset Bron!"

    Also, Bron's Mummy - that's a great story about the Irish accent!

    Much joy to you all,

  • At September 08, 2006 11:54 am, Blogger Bron said…

    you love me, you really love me...

  • At September 08, 2006 4:38 pm, Anonymous mummy said…

    Ooooooohh Now I KNOW I have said that line before !!! Yeee Haaa

  • At September 12, 2006 10:27 am, Blogger Rachel said…

    The guys a knob who frequently can't spell or construct even vaguely coherent sentences - he's an idiot and clearly going senile. The response of the audience is all you should ever go off.


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