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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Went to a great night last night run by my friend and collegue Andy Norris!
Check out my review:


Reviewed by Brainne Edge.

As soon as we sat down we knew we were in for a fun night, the production values stood out a mile, what I didn’t expect was a funny night – and for all the right reasons.
The evening was basically a mass karaoke for the audience in the chorus sections of each Eurovision hit (and some not so hits), while the verses were expertly executed by the four members of ‘Tacki’ Nils - Andrew Norris (also director and producer), Alfredo – Steven Swift, Lulu – Becky Little, and Anna-Fried – Fran Ellis.
Each song had a comedy hook which was well played. The highlight of the evening for me was their rendition of Gemini’s “Cry Baby”, this had me on the floor! Norris’ side glances of ‘What are you doing?!’ and Ellis’retorts of ‘I can’t hear’ carried it through to it’s natural conclusion of almost a punch-up at the last chord.
Their comic timing was spot on, Ellis particularly knowing exactly when to just move an eyelid to have the audience in stitches!
This is a show that is aimed at Pink Events, Gay weddings etc, but I feel that anyone with a fun loving nature and willingness to just sing along to some fun songs would enjoy every second of it. A must for Hen Party’s I’d say.
It’s camp comedy without the easy get outs, well thought through and well produced, with even an interactive scoring system at the end.
Good clean silly fun, be prepared to pray to the God of Cheese to ask for more!


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