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Friday, September 22, 2006

Things are looking up.
Wednesday was a good day (after spending most of Tuesday crying), I headed to meet a collegue who gave me some editing work, and then hung out at the Uni and just got to see people who I'd not seen for a while. I just felt a belonging again, and needed and wanted. It was good :) Plus a student came over and asked if I was teaching Third Year Radio (he was a good student too!), I said I don't teach third year. He was sad and said he only took it cos I made second year so much fun :D I was beaming. But i found out for him who would be teaching him, and he was fine with that too, which is good.
So i spent weds working. Then the evening I spent with Ben which was nice, we went through his set, and just generally chatted and caught up.
Thursday consisted of a visit from Julian and Dan, which was half fun and half work (Dan can be a bit demanding). But bottom line was it was fun and we all caught up and watched loads of stuff. Last night we went to Crewe to watch Dug, and he was great! He's really getting good! I only hope when I perform there in two weeks I am not an embarrasment. I am a bit excited, I hope I don't lose my nerve though.
Chris and I have been talking about flats, .... thats my thing to look forward to :D
Before that though we are still in a battle not to get our electric cut off! Ugh.
But things feel good today... PLEASE CONTINUE!!!


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