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Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a fun afternoon. It was great getting the CSz Chorley and Manchester gang together. Played some fun games, got back into the swing of things. It's wonderful being in the Comedy Store too! Although there was a slight communication breakdown hoohaa when I arrived.
I'm looking forward to the match, and it was clear where some of the holes are. The walk forward games were imense! I counted 9 walk forwards just on Golf Ball! That's what you get when you fill a room full of comedians I think ;)
I even joined in, which is rare for me.
We have 14 people signed up for the next lot of workshops that start in two weeks. I want two more then I'm happy :D The money will buy us some lovely new shirts :)
I have a night of singing ahead. Ben and I are going to record the song we wrote months ago, properly, onto my computer. Hopefully we wont argue. Fingers crossed. Tommorrow I'm spending sorting out my workshop that starts on Monday, and getting all my work stuff together. I can't WAIT to get back to work! Seriously, can't wait. I'm even looking forward to the stress! hehe. I have to rearrange two lessons actually, cos they are going on when I'm supposed to be teaching the workshop! Booo hiss, but it means I get more hours. I've been given the maximum hours that a p/t tutor can have! So I'm chuffed. Yay.
Right I'm going to escape the computer for a bit now.


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