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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well, I have got up fairly early on a sunday in order to get some work done.
The shows have crept up on me, and I have some other work to get done before then! Got some editing to do. Dreading it a bit, it's a mammoth task, or so it feels.
I need to make a list really.
Yesterdays workshops were brilliant! SO much fun. It was the first of the new lot and there were a couple of faces I recognised... but not from Comedy! From when I lived in Chorley... how funny.
Coops walked me to the bus and helped me get on the correct one. Then while I was heading back I realised that I basically had an evening of NOTHING (at least, I could do some work if I wanted) but I was in a good mood so I asked John if he wanted to come over and hang out for the evening... that he did. He brought two bottles of wine, possibly not realising that he would be drinking on his own, and I watched as he slowly got drunk! lol. We had fun and found out many things we had in common - none the least being a bit work-a-holiccy ;) We listened to Bonzo Dog and The Barron Knights... then John, in a drunken stupor, fell asleep, just as Ben got back from his gig.
Was woken at 9am with John trying to get out of the flat - it's like fort knocks here, so he went home to sleep off his hangover I expect ;)
It was a pleasant evening, with a lovely new friend.
Right, onto that smelly work now then...


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