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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a busy day! Had a meeting at Salford Arts Centre, we have a couple more official dates to put in our CSz diary... I am really tired.
I left Chris and Dug at half time at the Gong... just cos I realised how much work I needed to do before I went to bed, and I'm glad, cos it's taken me a bit longer than i thought.
I made the CSz poster for the show today... and then combined it with the Grinventors one. It's all coming together - October got here so quick!
Had a nice night with John and Ben last night, just generally chatting and the like. Getting to know John now, and he's a groovy guy :D
OK I'm going to pack all my stuff up for tomorrow now - back to the hard slog! ;)
I have a full day tomorrow, so I need to be on the ball, think I may actually get a lunch as well. SHIT! No I wont, I have to walk into town and drop off the camera I borrowed! poop. well... it'll be good... actually I may even try and figure out the bus


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