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Monday, October 02, 2006

My neck really hurts :( I am fed up with having a constant sore neck and back, and bizzarely it's slowly creeping into my bloody jaw too! Once everything calms down I may see if I can see a specialist or something, I'm just fed up with it. And with Ben not ever here any more I have no one with the stregth to crack it all for me.
Had a work packed night, after about an hour vegging on the sofa.
I had such a busy day.. including a hour long walk!!!!! Yes! Ugh.... me (car driving Bron) thought that a walk from Salford Uni to the Frog would take about 15 minutes... half an hour later, and still not there, realising I had a lesson to teach at 2pm (it was now after 1.30pm) I had to ring to get a message to my students that I was going to be late... the reason i was going to the Frog was to get the pictures I took off the camera i borrowed onto a disc (they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped... my fault for not sorting the settings out til near the end! DOH!). That done I set off back at about 1.50pm. Then, that's when the heavens opened... FOR THE ENTIRE WALK BACK! I got back at 2.20pm, drenched and began the lesson with my students laughing at me.
Ahh well... I've not been to the gym for ages, so it's probably good for me.



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