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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wow! i did five straight hours of improv yesterday... no break... and for once I didn't really feel it... only at the end did I flag, I was rather pleased with myself. Had a quick Grinventors workshop afterwards.. I'm getting a bit nervous about that to be honest... but maybe it was just because I wasn't too pleased with how my game went, everyone else was fine... Hung out for an hour or so with John Ben and Lou then went home for a building bridges night with Ben. It was pleasant. We watched one of the two Garth Merengie dvd's I own! I managed to pre-order it in April, forget, and order it again in September... deary me... I still have two Acorn Antiques DVD's spare! Jeez.
Other news for yesterday. We put down a holding fee on a flat. We should know early next week if it's all done and dusted, but I would assume it is.
Here it is
It says Let Agreed - I would like to think that's us! ;) It looks a bit scummy from the outside, and the decorating isn't great inside, but it's lovely really. We are going to move my old bed into the spare room, and take that be to bits so we have a complete room to use. Dug will probably live in there for a little while.
I am spending the day planning lessons. Looking forward to it, I've taken on a lot, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it :D


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