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Friday, October 13, 2006

Last night was rather pleasant. We showed the Silent Movie we made at Astley Hall. The kids all arrived in Limos! We were all dressed up. People in Tux's. Only problem was, one of the Limo's got stuck in Coppull! How funny. We waited about half an hour! The showing went off without a hitch by that point though, and the music was beautiful! I must admit I had my doubts about that, in hindsight I was just ageist.
Anyway, I hung out with Chris for a bit, after completing the editing for the project I've been working on the last few weeks... then went to bed and had a HORRIBLE nightmare!
I just wrote it down to tell the welch and she said it sounded comical, but believe it wasn't... I was so angry and frustrated in it, and I woke up that way. I somehow ended up at a flat where Ben and John and I think Chris were and after a while I just got so angry that I started screaming and chasing Ben round and properly kicking the shit out of him! It was horrible... I hurt my arm getting flung into a wall... then Ben tried to get away on a bike and I pulled him off it and started beating him up... it was horrible... then I woke up convinced I'd hurt myself. It does sound comical written down...
But it wasn't, it was ugly and real and I was just so angry!
Everything Ben does makes me angry at the moment. I don't even know why anymore.
Anyway... I'm showing the project film today... no limo's and dresses for this one though. Some stills from it:


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