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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wow, work is piling up! There are not enough hours in the day... everything this week is going to be a race to the finish!
Foolishly took a bit of time out to watch John at the Frog... i say foolishly, loved every second, but realised that I was creating a load more work to trawl through tomorrow if I stayed any longer, so left at the first break. Saw an interesting mix of people I knew there! Students, Friends from School, Comedy pals I know... very odd mix. Gave the Tavner a lift there, he's still hopping about.
Going to be a pretty work filled week from here on in...*sigh* I love it really, but if I'm honest, I've just made a new friend and want to spend more time with him learning new things! I rarely click with people on a real 'lets hang out and do things' level (KT, Ste, Ben, Rach, Rach and Rach are the expections) And they're all old friends (not that that's bad) and not around (that is bad) and I'm just excited.
But, it'll be reet.
We have the premiere for the Silent Film this week... I hope the music is sorted! I will be annoyed if not - the woman was supposed to call me weeks ago... and I've lost her number... we'll see....
I may do an edit with music on just incase.
Right back to the editing.... I want to try and do another scene before bed (I'ts after midnight and I have to be up at 8... poo)


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