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Friday, December 30, 2005

Well, first night at home for ages and mum and dad have buggered off! Gah.
Feeling a bit self reflecting and all that.
It's amazing how much I've done this year. How wrong I've been about things (and mostly people) how things have changed so much, how many times I've changed my hair, how much I've seen and done, especially over this summer.
How nice life seems now all the shit has been kicked away from it. Namely one huge guilt that riddled me for most of the year. And you know what, I really don't care anymore. I did for a long long time. And now I dont, so it's all good and I can go on to laughing and the like again.
Talking of laughing - I was woken up this morning by two large hairy men pulling me out of bed!! Oh what fun.
Did some filming today, more of the sketch I posted pics of Dug ( from ....


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