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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

am sat here in the living room on chris' laptop. i'm in a stupid amount of pain. i woke up all happy, getting ready to go to the gym, did a stretch and basicaly paralysed myself. I collapsed and Chris had to help me onto the bed. My neck crunched and I was in so much pain I nearly passed out. It was horrible. What made it scarier, was my arm basically went numb and cold. I lay ther for two hours crying while Chris moved my head every so often to try and put it in a place that wasn't agony. Eventualy I managed to get up, and sit in the lounge with four pilllows supporting me. Soon after I agreed to go to the doctors. Long story short, they've put me on valium! To relax my muscles and to try and sor it out. I've been told to relax for a week etc... my neck does this in small doses a lot, in big doses rarely... i've never gone to the doc before cos it seems a bit pointless. And it still does to ebe honest. I'm so spaced out now.
Chris is making food and I'm trying to find something interesting on TV so I don't go insane!


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