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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Paul Merton last night was pretty good, I will post my review later when I've written it up. I have no drive at all today, I feel really shitty. I keep waking up really down. Next door having a huge loud fight at 4 am didn't help! We could hear every word, especially when the woman was shouting "I'm gonna fucking kill you!"... hmm, considered calling the police then thought, it'd be a shame to stop her. At least then the MUSIC at 4am would stop waking us up too.
I feel really susepticle (sp?) to emotions right now. As a general rule I try to side step them in my preventative approach to an easy life, but the last couple of weeks things are really getting on top of me. Last night I was told something that just knocked me sick, and I still feel sick. Of course some that may be the naughty curry i had, but I don't think so.
Chris is away watching wrestling this weekend with Dug, Ben is in London tonight, am going to try and get some tidying and life in order stuff done. Don't know if i will though, it took all my energy to just get out of bed this morning. God, I just want to cry.


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