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Friday, May 19, 2006

before I say ANYTHING I have to say TRY NEW LIME JAFFA CAKES! OMG they are gorgeous! And only 1g of fat, or something...
Well, Wales was lovely. For the first time EVER i crossed the border and went from rain into sun! It's always the other way round. It was coldish and windy for most of the day but we managed to avoid the rain which was good. We went first to Conwy Castle, where we looked at the insides. I've been there probably about 30 times now. I do love the castle, but my tummy was a bit blergh today so I suppose I wasn't quite in the right frame of mind. PLus I bought some MORE size 14 pants and barely fit into them, that's the 4th pair! Why don't I just admit to myself I'm now a 16.... I WON'T DAMMIT! I've been the to the gym loads, and I'm off again tomorrow... I WILL lose this weight! Anyhoo... back to Wales. The castle was a bit cold, and the toilets there VILE! I don't usually use public toilets anyway, but for some reason the last couple of months I've needed the loo a lot more, so I had to go... OK tmi there. Chris enjoyed looking like a giant next to the model of the town. Bless, the big ginger lamb.From Conwy we trucked on down to Llandudno. And I showed Chris the sights of my childhood. Including a brilliant shop called Kavern Records! You can find the most obscure things there, it's the only place I've ever seen a more than ONE Mike Nesmith solo album!, I bought some comedy CD's. We went on the pier, and on the beach, and then toddled off to find a cafe. As we sat down I realised the last time I'd been in that cafe was with my Nana and Grandad and and various other family members, many years ago. Wandered down the street to see that Billy Lals (or at least the bargain centre we used to spend our hard earned pocket money in so much) is still there. We got tired really quick
(I had another nightmare last night that knocked me out for a while, and woke Chris up... I'm fed up with nightmares and not sleeping, it's seriosuly driving me insane! literally I think). So we popped up the Orme, said hi to Uncle Jess (dead relative buried up there), and went home, made it home in just over an hour! GOod going I thought. Managed to have a nap before going to rehearsal tonight. The play is going really well, I just hope we manage to catch up with the technical stuff.
Well, I'm knakkered and a bit peckish so I'm going to go now. Enjoy this video of Chris on the Orme:

dead things count:
18 - dead pheasants
6 - dead badgers
1 - dead boot
1 - umberella

PS- Yesterday was Chris and I's one year anniversary, we went to Fuel, the resturant we had our first 'date' in. So much has gone on in a year, it's madness. And it can only get better, can't it?


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