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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What a FAB day yesterday... what started very very shittly (I woke up after having about 2 hours of sleep to such a sore neck that I had to get Chris to help me out of bed). I stressed all the way to the school, and got late and lost. However... we walked straight in and just started and it went FINE! The teachers were amazed we kept their attention for so long. The kids even enjoyed the workshops! The older group were an absolute joy to work with! Considering these kids have pretty much been written off by society, there were some lovely kids in there. One really reminded us of Paul, and he was actually very good at improvising!
THe main comments of the day were that the kids hadn't laughed so much in years, and they were amazed we managed to get them all up doing things they would never have imagined. So I'm really chuffed!
After that I dropped Ben back in Manchester, got my stuff together and went to teach my evening workshops. THe kids in those were more of a nightmare than the ones at the school! Had a bit of a rough time, probably cos by that time I was shattered. Straight from there to rehearsal, which was good fun as always. Got home, sank into a bath Chris had run for me, then went to bed... actually didn't quite go to bed as when I lay down I thought "that's an odd smell"... realised my face was cm's aways from some cat shit! Great. Chris and I slept in the living room. I had a fairly good nights sleep, Chris not so... boo.
Today I have to get all my stuff ready for my class this aft then straight from there to evening workshop, then from there to XS where the Dug is doing an open spot, then I'm taking someone home to Preston and staying at my old house for the evening.... I'm soooooo tired...


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