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Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm full of grass!
Another pleasant day. Made an effort to enjoy the sun today as I'm anticipating a mad week next week. Ginger Lamb was at work :( But me, Dug and Ben did some shopping then headed to Heaton Park. We didn't get too far in cos we stopped for a picnic. THe boys had sausages where as I had a lovely salad.... and some cookies. Got covered in grass from messing about with the lads in various fighting/running/cartwheeling games. Dug beats us all though with this:

(hehe, it looks a bit like Dug is doing a 'play button' poop) I also did some play fighting which including doing backward rolls (which I can do very well I might add... ) but I went a bit wrong and managed to go right over on my neck. When I came to a stop I realised that my head was a bit weird but my neck could move so much more than it was able to before! I have lots of neck and back problems. It hurts a bit, but no where near what it did before! Maybe I should do more things like that in future!
We had a lovely afternoon just relaxing. I am off to Chorley any second to rehearse. AS anticipated I'm resenting it a little at this stage. I think I will even more next week when things 'hot up'. Once I get there though I enjoy myself, and it will be a good show (as long as all the techincal stuff comes together).
Right time for Neighbours!


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