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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Currently I'm trying to get Chris out of bed so we can go to the gym! It was even his idea, as was yesterday when it didn't happen too... grr.
Am not feeling too tip top today to be honest. Tired and sore. Well, that's the usual really.
The last couple of days I've been in a real writing mood. I've been trying to work on my stand up a bit, and I wrote the article below for a laugh.
Yesterday was nice, Ste came to visit and we wandered round Manchester, then I introduced him to Guitar Hero... seems like he wants to buy one now! muahaaa... soon everyone will own one... muahaaa... hmm, wish I had shares in the company or something.
Talking about companies. Comedysportz has been asked by the Comedy Store, yes THAT comedy store, to help with their Comedy For Kids programme this year. How exciting! It's still in it's initial stages but either way we will be associated with the store which is great street cred.
The company I work for in London is still screwing me around with money... very very annoying. I even took a pre-emptive strike this time and asked in advance whether I would be paid on time. I was told I would. I've not been - so I sent this:

I asked at the begninng of April if I was going to definately get paid within
the 28 days stated on my contract, for my work in March.
I STILL haven't recieved a cheque.
As I explained then I am not getting any other income for May and need
that money right now! This happens every time I send an invoice,
and I have now been working
for ****** nigh on two years.

Please forward it.

Thank you
Brainne Edge

That'll show them. I hope. I do really need that money. AND they're about to train me up for something else, so I'm just getting really annoyed with them really.
Work at the Uni ends next week, tomorrow will be spent marking, ALL of tomorrow... *sigh* Chris will be on the radio 10-2 without me :( booo. But work comes first, and I need to get it all done.
My car has a DENT! When we were at the school on Monday something happened to it, don't know whether it was while it was sat at the school or when we were in Poulton... I think it's pull-out-able. Also I got a flat tyre on Tuesday, I managed to change it in less than 10 minutes! But still can't put hubcaps on... doh.

Anyway, going to try and get Chris out of bed again..


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