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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Chris is on Revolution right now, yes NOW, switch it on! I bowed out as the studio was going to be pretty packed if I was there too, although they've already talked about me twice already! lol, what's the big deal with counting road kill on a journey? Deary me.
Last night was good fun, we went to support Chris T, Ben and lovely Leigh at a gig in Altrincham, just down the road really. When we got there Ben's face just dropped, it was a tiny back room with pretty much only us there. It slowly turned into an interesting gig, I must admit I wanted to leave when the compere decided to take the piss out of comedysportz, then tried to backtrack as he obviously realised he'd offended me... lol. The worst part of it was that obviously no one in the room knew what he was on about except me (some more people had arrived by that point).
It was Leigh's third gig and he did pretty well with the people in the front hassling him a little. He even got to the end of his Jesus invented Pancakes bit, although unfortunately it was obscured by the bloke who looked like Brian Blessed in the front row.
I'm still sleeping really badly. Last night I woke up loads, especially at about 5am when Chris got up to tell Ben to turn the sound down on the game he was playing... it freaked me out too, I thought someone was shooting a gun outside or something! I still think it's the daylight that's waking me up, in fact I'm certain. That's one of my jobs for next week (now I'm off work mostly) find a blind for the window!
Ben was rather smartly turned out last night, he's trying a new look for his comedy, which is great, but also hard cos he looks very swanky in his suit and it makes me want to touch his hair a lot! ;) That's nothing though Chris kept telling me to kiss Chris T last night! lol, ah, fun was had.
Fighting against an overwhelming power of 'what's the point' in my life at the moment, as is Chris, which makes it all worse really. I just feel fat, poor and tired. Of course it's never all as bad as I think, I just need to make myself to think that!
Going to do some work today and tidy up I think. I can hear voices in the flat, that means I can hoover i think... oooo. Going to the gym with the lamb when he gets back.

He's lovely, I love him, he rocks, and he needs to realise that more!

Oh and one thing left, while Dug and I were waiting for the '2nd half' we recorded this brilliant impression:


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