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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night was great!
As everyone said it would be. The kids really pulled it out of the bag and, with the exception of one or two groups (one in particular) did a brilliant job, listened and worked hard! The show ran exactly to the timings I thought it would, which I was quietly chuffed about. There was a rather nasty accident in the interval though unfortunately. Some hijinks ended up with a lot of blood and a visit to castualty. Bizarrely enough the team that lost the player won the whole show! Bless. There is this one girl who I just loved! She reminded me of Emily so much! Even Emily had to agree! hehe. By the way - looking at the pictures I'm not pregnant or anyhting it's just I had four other little minion refs in the show who were wearing all the other shirts so I got the HUGE one! It looked like a bloody dress!!
Just got to wait for the cheque and pay everyone now... but that will have to wait for tomorrow I fly!


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