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Friday, July 14, 2006

What a delightful evening. KT, Darryl and the Wareing visited and we played Guitar Hero, ate curry (I even branched out and had something a little different) and then went on to Karaoke, where I must have sung abouit 5 songs. Only one on my lonesome though. I proved to be very popular, hehe, a whopping 10 people turned up to hang out and say cheerio before I went off to the states. Which I thought was very very nice, admittedly a couple of them were only there for the karaoke. I sang with Dug, Ben, Chris and the Katester! Dug and Darryl may have stole the night though (only just off Daisy who's Copacobana was extreme!) with theire rendidtion of some thing or other that no one knew... but such passion!
Anyhoo... still not really packed anything yet! Done a bulk of stuff, and had a shower but not thought about little things like toiletries and the like, not even dug my hand luggage out yet. Dont' know what it is about this trip, I'm just exhausted already!
See ya soon!


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