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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Had a nice night last night, we went to watch some comedy at Zumebar, it just so happened that ALL the Grinventors were there, which made me warm and toasty inside.

Just put out that the new ComedySportz workshops are starting up Octber 7th. Four people signed up already. I am really trying to get 20 on this course so the Store can make some money off our midday boozing and shmoozing. Tell people if you know them! Did that last sentence even make sense? Ahh well. I am tired, I didn't sleep to well, I had a really vivid dream that involved Jill and me being at school and Evan being really mad at me.. yeah that's a name we've not heard for a while...

I really should go to the gym so I'm going to move before I become planted here for the whole day.
It feels like Sunday...



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