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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ben and I had a busy night last night. We were flitting from club to club ;) hehe. Started at the Frog to watch John's 'presentation'. HILARIOUS! The picture to the left is the exact moment where John nearly fell over and took the laptop with him... it got much better after that ;) The whole thing just blew me away if I'm honest, I think John can be overlooked, which is a horrible shame. He is so talented! Plus I'm totally in love with his character Danny Pensive. hehe. Then Ben and I left and scooted over to the Iguana for more comedy. I went there to watch Daisy, he went there to watch Norman Lovett. I too wanted to watch Norman but after sitting there for half an hour in so much smoke, my eyes would not let me stay any longer. I can't wait for the bloody smoking ban! I also STILL stink of smoke from it. Any way, I took a picture of Lou, and what do you know, behind her is Norman Lovett hehe.
Got up early today to chase up a CSz booking... no luck just yet, will try again at Lunch time... only in work at 11am, so I'm taking this time to get some money in the bank and the like.
Figured out last week that the next two weeks are going to be SO mad busy. I only hope I can entertain my lovely guest Jill in the way she has become accoustomed. Can't wait to see her! I have managed to make time so that we can actually HANG OUT and not just be stressing about shows all the time! ;)
Right well I'm off to get dressed and do stuff...


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