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Monday, December 04, 2006

Not really got back into the habit of blogging since I moved in here...
I am tired, and my back and legs hurt... blah....
Apart from that things are picking up again. Flat is still in disarray, but it's getting there... slowly.
Work is winding down a bit for Xmas... although I have a few interviews for possible new year projects/workshops and the like next week... so that hopefully will all come to fruition.
We had a great CSz match last week - still with a tiny turn out, but still a great show. Chris Tavner and Sean Moran made their debuts. And the lovely John Cooper, Ben Schofield and Daisy Connolly all made their duodebuts? (their second matches).
Fun was had.... unlike tonight where the match has been cancelled by the venue. The left a message last Friday! Talk about leaving it to the last bloody minute... anyway...
To be honest I'm glad of the rest and non loss of money... So there we go. Going to spend tonight working on Xmas pressies ;) Most people are getting made ones this year as I have to save up! ;)
I bought a tiny tree for the flat... then I bought an even tinier one :D
The tiny one can be seen in the CSzUK Xmas piccy:


Chris made a delightful spinach thing for my dinner... so I am lovely and full. I spent the afternoon with John Xmas shopping... although neither of us bought anything for anyone else! We suck.

Anyway... off to do stuff... hope that has sufficiently caught you up :)


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