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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's been a nightmare, but huge thanks must go out to John for the use of his lovely broadband during this time....
I need to buy a nice new chair for my computer... the scummy one I used to have just doesn't cut the mustard anymore...
Below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks that I've not been online... fill in the gaps...

Here is Chris in the new kitchen cooking up a storm, as he likes to do... I think mainly quiche at this stage.
The kitchen is rather large, which is good, I just put all of Binx's food and drink stuff in there today, and a chair too, so it's fine for our measly needs...

Binx stalking the bedroom... she seems rather settled alread which is great! She's a rather timid cat, but she was happily wandering around within hours of us moving her in here.
She did however keep us up most of the night moving around on the bed!

Me in the living room.... we're oh no nearly completely in!
I wish this was moving quicker though, I hate being in two places... Dug is moving in tomorrow for a few weeks too, so we will be snug - especially as I think ben is staying over a few nights too...

The reason for John and Mine's Blackpool jaunt last week.
John's a huge Doctor Who fan, but had never been to the museum in Blackpool, so we went.
I'd been before but some of the manequins STILL managed to freak me out! CURSES.
Afterwards we walked all the way down the Golden Mile to the Pleasure Beach. Where John went on The Big One!
No one would sit next to him so he looked like 'the creepy guy' especially on the photo that the ride took - looked like he was perving on the young man in front of him! hehehee... laughed hard.


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