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Thursday, November 16, 2006


What an amazing night! I don't think I've ever seen John so excited! I don't know if anyone has! ;)
It really was great, all these old blokes just having an absolute ball! It was infectious. Love Neil Innes, this was the second time I'd seen him, it was great to see him with the band!
Ade Edmondson fitted in like a charm, he really had the feel of the show in his boots... Phill Jupitus, less so. Although his rendition of Canyons Of Your Mind was better than I expected. There were some excited japes too which included "Legs" Larry Smith and Phill Jupitus having a fight right next to where we were sat! Also some lovely tap dancing moments by "Legs"... we were treated to robots, bubbles but no trumpet playing from Roger Ruskin Spear (not forgetting his noises of the leg).... some amazing Electric Saw Playing from the old, seated, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell... and some rather spritly spoon playing from Sam Spoons...
What a great night, didn't want it to end.... but they're all rather elderly and needed their beds I think ;)
So.... great stuff.
Back to real life a bit today which is a pain.
Didn't sleep great last night either, which doesn't help. Got to go to work in a few hours but until then the living room is occupied with guests, and there is a fair amount of shite just scattered everywhere, I need to get out of here... QUICK!
Feels a bit like real life is getting me down - I can't think of CSz again cos I'm sure this venue is not going to work out... so that makes me down... it took me a year to find that one! and now I need another one! Ugh.
Anyway.... having said that, the workshops are filling up rather quickly! So that's good. After this one I'm going to up the price I think. More improv is happening in the UK now, a new tv show and the like... so maybe we'll start getting more recognition!
Anyway... the internet will disapear in a few hours so I'm going to make sure everything's tied up.

Oh before I go.... here is a video I took last night of the Head Balet... nad the original balet :D compare


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