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Sunday, November 12, 2006

So, it's been a couple of weeks since Kitty left us. Since then BINX HAS GONE MADDDDDDD! I'm not even joking, she's started licking really badly and has taken huge chunks out of the walls! Aparantly Kitty has turned into a delightful cat, I keep being shown lovely pictures of him sitting on people being really cute! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
SO I'm slightly worried about the new flat now, glad I've bought some new couch covers. Am going to get a scratch post today I think, and get her used to it before the move.
Today is just a wash of work work work, so much marking and the like.
Last night we packed up most of Chris's stuff, and I did all my records and nearly put my back out in the process. My legs are SO sore still. They have been sore for months, I am going to HAVE to go to the doctors about it, it's getting pretty debilitating now.
Chris is off to a gig shortly, and Ben and Dug are asleep so I will have to try and use this time to get all my work done! I am taking Ben out for his birthday today to get him a present... :D I'm a nice friend... most of the time...
Oh and because there's no shelves at the new flat yet, this is how I've had to stack my videos... I quite like it to be honest.... see if there's anything you may like to borrow ;)
See yas


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