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Monday, November 06, 2006

Had a great night last night. Much fun with friends and sparklers. I am so tired today though as an alarm has been going off in the street ALL NIGHT! I'm sure there's a law against that, I thought they had to have breaks in them or something... I dunno. Anyway, that didn't keep me awake so much as it kept Chris awake, which kept me awake.
I just feel miserable today, you know when you can feel it in your stomach? Well, there it is... I hate it. We have ComedySportz tonight and I just can't see ANYONE turning up for it... I really hope I'm wrong... becuase I HATE feeling like this about something I love.
I have a full day at work as well, which is fine, but I just don't want to do it cos I want to get everything ready for the show... ugh. Our shows used to be on saturdays or sundays... not used to the whole working before I do it thing...
Anyway, enjoy these pictures of people with sparklers, especially if you didnt' get to go to a fireworks party or anything.
I did.
Well kind of
We stood in the park next to Lou's building and just watched everyone elses ;) I enjoyed it.
This guy next to me in this picture got drunk and probably can't remember anything ;)
Have a good day, no doubt I will update on the show, hopefully it will be happy stuff. Oh yeah, and it's our 5th anniversary show, which would make me even sadder if no one came...


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