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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am so sad :( My lovely Jill left this morning... *sniff*. It bizarrley feels like she's not even been here, which makes me even sadder :(
But now I can tell you all about yesterday!

We set off at 8am, after picking up Emily from the train station. The drive there went really quick.

Death Tally:
25 Pheasants
11 Misc Birds
3 Rabbits
1 Fox
1 Squirrel

Once there Emily went on her way (to meet her sister) and we met up with the Cheesemonger to get the tickets for WICKED!
I slept a bit on the train into Waterloo, as I was completely knakkered from the lack of sleep in general.
We pulled in and met up with Jill's old friend, which was rather pleasant, then headed off to meet the Wareing and the Joanne! We met up and wandered around London a bit seeing things and taking ridiculous pictures. We sat for a bit, had some hilarious moments running around London... then finally got to go and watch Wicked!
I was actually getting a little giddy waiting to go in, I've been looking forward to seeing it since I got the soundtrack!
I sat down and just marveled at the set for a while. Then it just suddenly started, and the first things you saw were just gorgeous! I don't want to write too much about the actual show because it would spoil it if you wanted to go and see it (and
see it you should people!), but I can tell you it made me very emotional for many different reasons throughout the show. I even caught Chris sniffing away by the interval ;) Bless him.
After the show we made our way back. It was aloooooong drive - literally, Chris was driving ;) We got back at 4am, but it was really 3am as the clocks went back on our journey. I went straight to bed, after having an argument with Ben about the workshop that day... i felt bad about that, I appologised today ;)

So this morning Jill left. And I have a lot of work to do. I hung out with the lovely John this evening. We can always find fun stuff to talk about, and we have very similar tastes in things - in pasta too it seems.

Gave Kitty away today too. He was a bit stressed when I left him at the Tavner's, but have recieved word that he's settled down a bit since I left. Bless him, I actually felt a bit weird leaving him there. But i know he'll be looked after and have a better life on his own, not fighting for attention.

A scene featuring me and Sean, from the improv show on Monday:

Sean and Bron in SHATNER!

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The Carry On Sketch, from the Sketch show Friday:

Now you are all completely caught up!



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