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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Today was lovely, with my new hair, I worked for a short time with some students i didn't know (which felt really good) then drove Jill to Blackpool. We had a great day there (well, about an hour) and I introduced her to the Las Vegas of England ;) Jill put 10p in a machine and won a pound! GO JILL! i was rather excited as I found MY MACHINE! OK, this will sound silly, but when i was little I used to go into amusements a lot... and there was this one 2p machine I would spend hours on... and I was GREAT at it! And today I found the same one! And I hadn't lost my touch! No SIR! I won about £2 on it, and managed not to spend it all again With my winnings I bought Jill a fish and chip dinner, which she promtly fed to the pigeons! Then we headed back to get ready for tonights show... seeing as we were now both IN the show! I'm too tired to go into all the ins and our and annoying problems with traffic and cast... but all in all the evening was a success... I hate that I wont be there tomorrow though, which means leaving out some of the sketches. And also, just general organisation. Everyone did really well though, some of the sketches were really well recieved, others not quite so, but in general a great show.
I will probably put bits onto YouTube, as is my way.
Well we're off to London in about 5 hours so I'd better go to bed!


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