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Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a weird nights sleep. More weird dreams. Being woken up in the dark by a ginger lamb getting ready for work. Then to be woken up in the daylight by a pigeon trying to get in through the sky light!
Both things.
Got work at 2pm today, for two hours. I'm playing a game with them that really puts me in a vulnerable spot. It worked well with the last group, but I'm not too sure about this one. They are a bit more cynical. We'll see.
It's the festival launch party tonight. Should be nice. I hope. Not going for long I don't think. Meeting Chris there.
The flat seems to be finalising now. Just got one or two more things to do then we're in there. Can't wait. But also can. So much to do before then!
Jill arrives monday, I'm worried she'll be disapointed! At least for the first two days seeing as I'm working so much! First time we'll get to properly hang out is Tuesday night. Girly night I think :D So Of course, Ben and Dug are invited! HAR HAR HAR!
Ben has offered to take her round Manchester on Tuesday to show her the sights and excitements.
I will be spending Sunday cleaning.
Got a CSz booking for a school yesterday, so that's good :) And things seem to be looking good. Things seem a bit clearer today.


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