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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Seanie!
Sean's 18th Birthday party was tonight, and I was soooo tired, which spoiled it a bit. PLus there were upwards of 40 drama students in there alone! That's twice as many as I see in my lessons.... sheesh.... ;)
All good fun, although I didn't get up and dance.
I did however go through a bit of a milestone which I had to, so I feel much better about that now.
PLUS I got to see the Katester!!!! I miss KT so much :( I hope now she's got a 'proper' job she will be around more. Love to her and her family at the moment.
I'm so tired, and I have to get up early again and clean the house, get ready for Monday's show, sort out my lesson plans, etc etc etc.... I think I'm going to the Corona Bus tomorrow to advertise the CSz show again too.... Which brings me back to today again... This afternoon some of CSzMUK's finest set out to advertise the show. Only 3 came back alive... Joking. It aparantly went very well indeed. I couldn't be there as I was directing the sketches for the sketch show we're doing next week too. That was rather exciting, to hear words you've written! Been a long long time since that's been the case, what with making everything up and the like for so long! ;)
Right well I'm going to bed, I've tried to call Jill a couple of times to no avail... have decided she sucks! ;)


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