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Saturday, October 21, 2006

What fun japes were had last night.
At 11.10pm I was ready for bed to be honest, I even climbed in in my clothes and started the drooling process. Shortly after, Paul Karensa called to be let in... oh yeah, he's staying here tonight! I'd spent all night textually trying to convince Bethan to be in my sketch show... and so she, Leigh, Martin Plant, Tavner and her housemate all poppped in... and she said yes. ROCK.
It was a rather full house, as Dug and Michael were there too.
We had lots of fun, playing truth games and the like, then I put on Weird Al and before we knew it it was 3am!
I got up at half 9 this morning as I have a very busy day ahead. I have to direct 8 sketches! Phew!
The only thing I'm worried about with that is the space. The Store have a show on today as well, so we will see how cumbersome it all becomes.
I really need a shower, and to get Chris to call the new letting agency and see where we are in the process.


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