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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have been working at the Uni for nearly 5 years.3 weeks ago I applied for a full time job there, a job that has been nudged and winked towards me for a year.
Last night I found out that I am not even getting an interview.
Aparantly my application was not up to scratch - even though my work, out of everyone's mouth there, is excellant.
I foolishly thought I was in with a chance... yesterday I was upset - today I am angry (and still upset). Feel like I have no idea what to do with my life for the first time. Have always had a plan and something to aim for. Now it's all on the floor in pieces. All becuase I didn't write the right things down!Not even a fucking interview!! Seriously!?!I have been getting emails and texts from members of staff at the Uni outraged on my behalf... but what does that do?! Nothing. Although I appreciate it.
I am angry with the system, I am angry with my superiors, I am angry at myself for actually thinking this would happen. Which, I'm sure you all know, is NOT like me at all.I don't know if I can continue to work there when someone is in MY job, working on the new degree that I HELPED WRITE.... I am devastated. Everyone says another door opens when this sort of thing happens... but I think I'm out of doors.October 2009 has been awful so far. It can only get better right?
Probably not.
I have to do my tax today... yay. fun.


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