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Sunday, March 15, 2009

aparnatly I have fans

Yeah I have given up a little over the last couple of months. Work has made me miserable, and have just been reassessing my life a bit.

However this week has seen an upturn.

I am now down to 12st 13lbs which is a break through as far as I'm concerned... fingers crossed I can get down to at least 12st by the summer... yay

ComedySportz is going great, numbers are up for shows, workshops are taking off... tis good.

I can't wait for my trip to the states in a couple of weeks!! Not seen my mum for ages, and not seen Jill since last summer so I can't wait!

My tummy has got really bad in the last few weeks. It's been suggested by a few people it may be IBS. It gets worse with anxiety, but in general it's bad every day, and let's just say toilet trips are frequent and not pleasant. I also can't seem to digest food very well. As in it seems to stay in my oesophagus for hours after eating - so if I burp i get food back in my mouth :( not good... we;re talking HOURS after eating.


Anyway... things seem to be turning around a little - so yay


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