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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Went swimming again (first time in two weeks due to work and the like) today... still loving it. i start 9am starts at work next Thursday for 10 weeks!! So I am trying to organise myself to get up early to go swimming before 9am probably a different day of the week from next week.
This week I've put on 1lb - but then again I thought it would be more as I've been eating a lot of crap.
John has lost two! He's put it down to stress :-/

Had a weird day today... a student told me that another student had said that they were pleased the workshop was about to end so that he wouldn't have to talk to me anymore! Hmm. Nice. Aparantly the student who said that to me had said that I was 'awesome' and he rebounded... when I got home I had an email from Jillo saying I was also 'awesome'. Which was lovely :D
Having a weird time at the moment, not 100% happy, and not even really sure why.
Csz on sat, been going great at the Store recently... this week is in Sale... the last show we did there they didn't promote it, and we had 3 people!



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