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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I got to 12 st 13lbs? Did I mention that already? Didn't lose any more this week, but at least I didn't go back up... rock... been on my bike a lot this week too, yay. Am planning to keep it up while in the states and not eat TOO much crap... but will allow myself some ;)

Had a weird dream last night that took me back to the States in a weird way... dreams affect me quite vividly, so I'm going to be feeling weird all day now.
Got a rehearsal today, then tomorrow I have my first one for Stepping Out, then tuesday I'm watching a play, weds - rehearsal, thurs reh for the play I'm directing, fri - reh sat - CSz practice sun - reh... mon - reh... tuesday STATES!
busy busy busy


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