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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I've come 'home' for Xmas to Wisconsin. Wisconsin was my home from 1995-1997 and I've been back at least once every year since I left. This may be my last visit... at least to the family home. Even now the house seems bare (to most people it will probably look cluttered, but trust me - it's bare!). I found out last night on the long drive home from the airoprt (ice storms!) that my bed and side units are all being shipped to Seattle where my dad is going to be living for about a year. Didn't realise that would make me sad. I picked out this bed and this side unit when I was 16. The bed espeically I was so proud of, it's got four posts and everything! I will never have another bed like it ever I'm sure.
I knew they were moving back the UK... but it wasn't til I got here that it started to hit me. Of course I'm pleased and excited to have my parents living down the road from me (it's never been like that before) but I'm also sad as I've lost my base in Wisconsin. I have lots of friends here and I'm sure I can stay with them should I visit but it wont be the same. There's such a sense of comfort coming 'home'... from now on every trip to the states will be a holiday... and that's weird.


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