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Friday, April 23, 2010

General Updatery!

John and I are homeowners as of 1st March! How exciting....
He's really impressed me with his DIY. Initially I was terrified, especially when he put up a coat rack and it fell down instantly with one coat on it! But he's come on, building and putting up shelves, cupboards and even building the majority of our kitchen himself!! So impressed :D

Some before and afters of our living room!

We would be no where NEAR this far along if it weren't for the help of our amazing friends from the ComedySportz family... we had a 'painting party' 2 days before we HAD to move in... and a fair few people showed up and helped. We got the whole living room done!

The kitchen took forever and is only now NEARLY finnished.

More before and afters as time goes on... right now... am off for a jog :D


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