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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Phew... I've been so stupidly busy recently, it's just been MAD MAD MAD!
Well, stuff I've done... hmmm.. did a workshop in Skem the other day for TWO children! At least one of them enjoyed it... haha. I went to their local post office and got a load of old posters that we cut up and turned into costumes then we made up a short play based around them.... lots of fun... mostly just for me I think.
I am totally in love with my new mobile phone! It does everything! And me being the photo freak that I am, I LOVE that I can transfer stuff to my computer! I'm in LURVE!

Chris and Beth rocking out at Kareoke!

Butch and Sundance... but which is which?

Chris gives Bron a backrub in the Frog and Bucket comedy club... in a funny way

Bron's hair changes colour - yet again

Louise fails at Jenga!

AND it's my sister's 25th birthday today! Happy birthday keya, you oldie.


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