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Friday, January 13, 2006

my blog really IS pants today... for some reason it's gone a bit screwy.

OHHHHHH I had a fun day today with my pal Phil.
Phil is one of my old Youth Theatre kids who is now nearly 20! Yeah... so how OLD does that make me... *sigh*.... anyway, he was back for a few days, and whevener he's back for a few days we usually film something. I got a decent camera from the Uni and we went out and filmed the FINAL FINAL part to a sketch that has been in production for about 3 years!! The best bit of what we filmed was that we visited loads of old haunts! We shot bits of it where we'd shot lots of other sketches... it was a bit weird trying to find all the exact spots.. but also very fun...
Below are some comparison pix :D


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