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Friday, January 06, 2006

Windshield Glass finally sorted!
Anyhoo... that rejoice over with.
Looks like I may be moving to Manchester sooner that I thought, I am waiting to see if the circumstances are right, as well as the facts. Can't wait to get out of this house.
I know I have stuff to do today but I can't motivate myself at all! Which is stupid as I'm back at work on Monday and it's a busy day. So I'm a bit down today. Am sorting out some videos I meant to do a while ago. SO at least I'm being a tad productive.
Mum has moved my knitting somewhere and I can't find it! So I can't even do that. I got a new game for my DS but it doesn't have a save function in it!! Which annoys me. And there's nothing but Celebrity Big Brother on TV. Which, if I'm honest, I've been watching, but mainly just to FIGURE OUT WHO THEY ALL ARE! I know MIchael Barrymore, Dennis Rodman and the bloke who looks like a woman, who's name I forget, but I've seen him do some stuff. After that they could all just be randoms off the street. I'm fascinated that MB is in there! I jusdt watched him try to explain to an american called Tracey why he and his wife split up before she died... awkward!
Anyway, going to look for my knitting again!


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