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Sunday, January 01, 2006

What a lovely New Years. First time I've ever been to a fill out party. Was fun. I brought along the baloon animals kit that Chris's mum gave me and made everyone animals, then got them to try some too :D That was quite fun. I also brought Twister along and played that twice, lost both times, there must have been about 30 people there and most of them enjoyed my arse in the air for about 10 minutes. Chris even has a delightful picture (deary me). Then we discovered one of the hosts 80's vinyl collection, RESULT! 80's tastic. So we listened to Kylie, Jason, Chris De Burgh and the Jam for about an hour, then came midnight and fireworks were set off in the front garden. Myself and a comic called Jonathan Paylor decided to watch the TV ones instead and then watch the ones outside through the window at the same time. We left soon after.
I was really awake still so I stayed up til about 5am when Ben got home, and Beth and Sarah soon after. Got to bed about 6ish I think. Spent most of today snoozing then came home and watched the Goodies thing again with my mum while knitting. I'm making myself another tank top (vest for the americans in the audience).
Watching Chicago now, with the ever present 'can you turn the sound down?'... ugh.. i can't help having shit ears! Or maybe others in the house have over sensitive ones. So I have retired to my room so I can actually hear the TV.
Going to start my search online for flats in Manchester! nothing like grabbing the moment...


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