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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Forgot to tell you all about what happened on the way to Ben's gig last night! We pulled in to get some petrol to see a young fat lad make off with someone's laptop out of their car! Little git. We got a good look at him and left a note for the car driver. About 10 minutes into the journey we realised WE SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE POLICE! What were we thinking???? Stupid stupid stupid. Anyway, we left a number and the guy called us, so we are available to make a statement if he needs us.
Chris is currently getting ready for a gig, Ben is playing loud guitar, and Dug is out.. I'm a bit lost for the night, should probably get on with some more work.
Got a school gig through today though so that cheered me up :D


  • At March 23, 2006 11:49 am, Blogger Ben Schofield said…

    Loud guitar? That almost sounded like a complaint. I thought you cherished the beautiful music that sails majestically from my dancing fingertips, through the fretboard and into your appreciative ears.

    Or maybe it was just a racket.

    Oh well.


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