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Friday, March 17, 2006

Workshop went great, as usual. Ben did a wonderful job! And fun was had by all. I am absolutely knakkered now. I didn't sleep at all last night really, and then I was up at 6am. Steven wasn't well so he left as soon as the show part was over, so there was just KT, Ben and I with 60 kids at a time! ;) It worked out OK though. I just got up anyway, I went to sleep for a few hours! I set my alarm for neighbours then deicided another 2 hours sleep was called for.
We are still waiting to hear at the moment if we will be playing in the 2006 World Championship for ComedySportz... it's not looking too promising right now. I mean, it's a great thing to go and be involved in anyway, but it would be great. And I suppose if i'm being honest, I kind of expected to play. But, whatever. I just don't want our guys paying a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of money to go and THEN be told we're not playing, so I'm trying to find out before that happens. I just get a sore feeling about this year for some reason.
The venue problem is still getting me down too. Argh!
Anyhoo, Ginger Lamb will be back soon and we're going to have a cosy night in to chill. Yay.


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