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Thursday, March 09, 2006

We have electricity, and I'm currently enjoying a rather lovely and vigerous back rub from the silent ginger lamb (he has lost his voice bless him). I made him hurt a lot earlier from making him watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. Bless.
I'm in a primary school tomorrow, I'm getting really down about thsi job to be hoenst, if it was CSz it wouldn't be a problem, maybe I'm just too used to being my own boss. But they seem to be actually paying me now so it's OK. I'll go, I'll do it, I'll probably enjoy it when I get there.
The kids are upstairs watching footy, and there's no noise which suggests that Middlesborough (Dug's team) isn't winning... or Sky's fucked again.
I watched the Oklahoma DVD last night to play Spot Dugs Dad... lots of fun.. Ben once again lost, as he did with Little Shop because of his inability to concentrate on anything for more than 24 seconds.
Hey if you go on you can now SEE the scenes I did with my students last month!


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