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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a lovely day in Liverpool... but before that the katester visited and we had cat litter tray buying japes. We went to the Beatles museum and listened to the audio tour. The last time I went through the tour would have been maybe 10 years ago! A lot has changed, for the better. Still a lot of dummies but I'd seen most of them already, and Ben and Dug were on guard as they now know how I react to them. The changes they made to the tour were very good, some really nice pieces including some of Johns specs. The only really disapointing part was the end... where after TWO ROOMS about John Lennon and one on Paul McCartney to commemorate George Harrisons life he got.... a A4 piece of paper in a frame... oh dear... must do better Beatles Story!

Got back after an argument with mister hair, but we've put it right now (one of the few people in the world that I can actively argue with! He seems to just be good at riling me, and me him... anyway), and found that the CSz new venue I was hoping for may not be quite as positive as I was lead to believe! Maybe I read too much into it, I don't know. But now I'm upset and annoyed that I've lost 2 months time when I could have been looking, AND not only that, an ideal venue! Very pee'd off. Glad I didn't buy any icecream the other day now, cos it would be all gone at this point! Grrr!


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